To come into My world is a privilege given only to those who know their place. Accept My rules, or scamper off to a less demanding Mistress.

Show absolute respect. you will address Me as Mistress, and honor Me as such.

When the Mistress speaks, these are your commands. you give up your free will the moment I allow you into My world. From that second, you are My property. Never question My will or refuse my commands. Only humming ‘Happy Birthday’ will stay My hand. (Evil Grin)

If you cannot follow My orders, or if you attempt to top from the bottom, you will be dismissed PERMANENTLY. Be mindful of your tone and speech. I do not tolerate crude language and off-color comments. Foul language in person will lead to something rather large finding its way into your mouth for the duration of the time you spend in My presence. I have no qualms about taking your voice… after all, it belongs to Me.

Always present yourself properly to your Mistress. The filth of the world stays outside and is never brought into My domain. Cleanse yourself thoroughly before entering My dungeon. On all fours kneeling, your head to the floor and bare bottom exposed, you will be ready to worship my boots as the proper introduction to your Goddess.

Be honest about your limits and desires. As My property, you should present Me with the Owner’s Manual to your kinky little brain. I will decide if I wish to act on any of your fetish interests.

you WILL be trained. I have never met a perfect slave. Do not offer yourself as such. If you were submissive perfection, you would already belong to another. I expect you to improve constantly to stay in My good graces.

Never ask for sex or illegal acts. I am not an escort. I am a Goddess and above the likes of you. Mine is unattainable perfection to be worshiped on a pedestal.